Nursing Informatics and Electronic Health Records

Class Summary:
According to, hospital adoption of an EHR system tripled since 2009. The percent of hospitals possessing EHR technology was estimated to be as high in some states as 72-85% in 2012 ( with state average of 44%. The use of EHR in Utah was reportedly lower than this national average of use and preparing graduates to use EHR will contribute nurses with this skill in the community. The HITECH act of 2009 promotes the meaningful use of EHR and preparing faculty to consistently approach informatics is necessary to then begin preparing learners for this process in the clinical setting.

Learning Outcome(s):
1. Consistent, standard application and management of health documentation by faculty using an EHR and nursing informatics.
2. Consistent, standard application of EHR use by faculty for subsequent use with learners (students).


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